Quotations from Dr Luther…

Luther’s Works, Vol 46:  Christian in Society III, “On Marriage Matters”

“Now let this be our conclusion:  What has been joined together by God’s Word has been joined together by God, and nothing else.”

“Christian freedom is not given to anyone to be used for his own pleasure and caprice and to the harm, injury, and vexation of others, but only for the need and danger of the conscience, to that each may serve the other and benefit him.”

“So here all will depend on a sound knowledge and understanding what this verse, ‘What God has joined together’ is trying to say.  It does not say, ‘What has joined itself together,’ but “What God has joined together.” The joining together is easily seen, but men refuse to see that it is to be God who does the joining. As soon as joining together has come about by the parties’ own efforts, they immediately want to hang God’s name over it as a cloak to hide their shame, and say that God did it. This is misusing and dishonoring God’s name and is contrary to the second commandment.”