Word from the Pastor

December 2022


It has been estimated that the average “cost” of Christmas this year will be at least 50% more expensive than last year for the same decorations, trimmings, cards, gifts, etc.  And add to it other expenses such as gas, postage, rent, heating, and food expenses for the table (not counting the figure in the Christmas trimmings).  Many people are cutting back on “Christmas” this year because they simply cannot afford the increase this year.  Retailers are already dreading Black Friday, which traditionally is the highest sales day of the year.

So often, we think of ourselves.  But Christmas is not about ourselves, it is about the Savior whose birth we celebrate.  If you cut back on Christmas expense or don’t cut back, that is up to you.  Regardless, this is the occasion to think of God and the Savior that He sent to us.  Perhaps with this inflation and turmoil in the world, we may be reminded of the “real meaning” of Christmas and what it is about.

In His Service,


Bible Study

Scripture records, “Consequently, faith comes from hearing he message, and the message is head through the Word of Christ” (Romans 10:17, NIV).  Thus, ongoing Scripture studies are conducted on a regular basis, on a book of the Bible, or on a topic covered in the Scripture.  In addition to Sunday School classes for all ages, a weekly class is conducted Wednesday afternoon.  These are from 1330-1430 hrs and run throughout the year.