Word from the Pastor

July 2020


This past year, we started something new: Chickens.  This past spring, we picked up several chicks and have been raising them.  We have placed the coop in the smaller garden and are letting them roam around.  Sometimes, I will stand outside the fence and find them entertaining to watch.

I also think about if they know what is going on.  Each day (several times a day), we provide feed, we change the water.  Under the run, we have laid a wire fence (an effort to keep the foxes and other predators from burrowing under), placed a net over the top of the garden (an effort to keep eagles and hawks out), ensure each evening they are sealed up in their coop, and plug in the electric fence that surrounds the garden.  This is all for their protection, but do they recognize these efforts?

I doubt it.  They may not even be aware of it.  I was pondering about what the Lord does for us.  Think of the meaning the 1st Article-do we think of these things?  We may be like those chickens, unaware of what the Lord does for each one of us.  Whether we are aware of the Lord’s protection and presence, does not change the fact that He does provide and care for us.  May He grant us insight to see His provision for each one of us.

In His Service,


Bible Study

Scripture records, “Consequently, faith comes from hearing he message, and the message is head through the Word of Christ” (Romans 10:17, NIV).  Thus, ongoing Scripture studies are conducted on a regular basis, on a book of the Bible, or on a topic covered in the Scripture.  In addition to Sunday School classes for all ages, a weekly class is conducted Wednesday evenings.  These are from 1700-1755 hrs and run throughout the year.  The class does not meet when worship services are offered on Wednesday evenings (Thanksgiving, Advent, or Lent).