Word from the Pastor

October 2022


If one were to ask: Name the big event of October…how would you respond.  A child may respond “Halloween!”  And that is a good answer-after all the racks in the shopping centers lead us to think this way.  But then Halloween, with all it spooks and goblins will disappear along with the stash of sweets and candy.

A better answer would be “Reformation!” and for anyone, this is a bigger event than Halloween.  For in the Reformation, we see the church, the proclamation of the Word of God, the very Word of God that frees us from sin, death, and the devil.  Often, this month is one where we think of the Reformation, the work of Dr Martin Luther and the “rediscovery” of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Unlike Halloween, this event is one we need to continually remind ourselves of.  We need to check our teachings to ensure they are faithful and true to the Word of God, the Scriptures.  And if they are not, get back on track.  This time of year is a good occasion for us to re-check what we are teaching.

In His Service,


Bible Study

Scripture records, “Consequently, faith comes from hearing he message, and the message is head through the Word of Christ” (Romans 10:17, NIV).  Thus, ongoing Scripture studies are conducted on a regular basis, on a book of the Bible, or on a topic covered in the Scripture.  In addition to Sunday School classes for all ages, a weekly class is conducted Wednesday afternoon.  These are from 1330-1430 hrs and run throughout the year.