Word from the Pastor

July 2024


Sometimes it is hard to imagine all the praise and glory that takes place in Heaven.  In this world, we are limited by what our feeble senses can observe…but there are times we are reminded of the praises of God.

Recently, I attended the Spring Pastor’s Conference (NWD).  This was hosted at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Kingsford, Michigan.  Central to the conferences is the opening worship service (with Lord’s Supper).  It was during this worship service that I was reminded of glory of God.  We used Divine Service III (aka “Order of Holy Communion”) and as the clergy gathered to sing the “Gloria in Excelsis” and “The Sanctus”, it was as if the rafters were being moved, and we were like Isaiah when He saw of the glory of God.  Then after reception of the Lord’s Supper, as we sang “the Nunc Dimittis”, it was almost as if Heaven was being opened and we could see the glory shining through.

When we gather for worship, whether with the Lord physically present in His body and blood, or not, we catch a glimpse of the glory of God.  Often hindered by our humanity, sometimes we do catch a glimpse of things to come.

In His Service,


Bible Study

Scripture records, “Consequently, faith comes from hearing he message, and the message is head through the Word of Christ” (Romans 10:17, NIV).  Thus, ongoing Scripture studies are conducted on a regular basis, on a book of the Bible, or on a topic covered in the Scripture.  In addition to Sunday School classes for all ages, a weekly class is conducted Wednesday afternoon.  These are from 1330-1430 hrs and run throughout the year.